Showing Your Child You Care

When it comes to parenting, one of the many challenges can be showing your child rather than telling them,  that you love them. This isn’t exclusively a parenting problem, either, but a human one. It can often be difficult to express our affection for others, and that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts, after all. However, it can be nice to receive such signs of affection, and that’s especially true for children and teenagers, even if the latter will be embarassed and act annoyed. So, here are a few tips to make your feelings known to your children and to encourage them in their formative years.

For starters, while telling them isn’t showing them, exactly, the words ”I love you” are still important. It’s safe to say we all want to hear these words from those closest to us in most cases. So remind them every so often that you’re there and that you care. Actions speak louder than words, however, so you’re going to want to up the ante and really show them how you feel.

One way to express your feelings via actions is to take an active interest in the things they love. If your child is interested in video games, for example, they’d be glad to have you play with them, or simply ask them questions about their favorite games. If your child loves to read, try introducing them to your childhood or adolescent favorites. Really, just showing interest in the things that make them happy goes a long way toward encouraging them to be themselves and shows that you care.

Lastly, getting gifts for your child outside of a special occasion says loudly and proudly that you’re thinking of them. Some ideas can include new toys for kids, maybe a new album by their favorite artist for a teen. Anything that you know they’ll enjoy and appreciate will work wonders here. You can even buy them a bouquet from 1800Flowers to express your affection. They’ll appreciate the gesture.